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From Durable to Cosmetic, We Provide the Right Finish.

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the surface of aluminum to a porous aluminum oxide layer. The properties of this layer can be varied by changing process conditions. Harder anodize is better for high wear applications, while bright and shiny is better for cosmetic parts.

Anodize is a unique coating as this porous layer can be left its natural color (clear to dark grey) or dyed many different colors. It is also possible to impregnate the coating to reduce the coefficient of friction. Electrolytic processes can be used to create a UV resistant coating that has applications in the laser and medical industries.

Masking and plugging are also available if a surface needs to be free of anodize coating.

The final finish of the part can be modified prior to anodizing mechanically using media blasting to create a variety of surface finishes and/or chemically during the pretreatment to produce finishes that range from dull matte to a high gloss.

We Offer a Variety of Services

Our Solutions:

soft anodize

Soft Anodize – Decorative – Mil 8625 Type II

Soft Anodize is a general-purpose coating that provides a good combination of durability and cosmetics. It can be dyed many vibrant colors (see color chart). Coating thicknesses typically range from 0.0002” for clear (Class 1 non-dyed coatings) up to 0.001” for black/darker colors (Class 2 coatings).

The process can be controlled to hold dimensional tolerances within a few ten thousandths of an inch.

Used for medical and dental equipment, outdoor hunting/recreational products, bicycle components, climbing, and more.

hard anodize

Hard Anodize – Mil 8625 Type III

Hard Anodize is a process designed for environments that require higher abrasion or corrosion resistance than Type II coatings. It is generally used when functionality is more important than cosmetics.

Typically, coatings are 0.002” thick and can be produced as class 1 (non dyed) or class 2 (colored/dyed), however other than black it is very challenging to produce the vibrant colors of a soft anodize coating due to the density of the coating.

Used extensively in the armament industry, in valve bodies and components, in tooling, and more.

anoptical anodize

Anoptical Anodize

Conventional coatings are colored using organic-based dyes. Under certain environmental conditions, these coatings will break down—resulting in outgassing or loss of color.

Anoptical black is an inorganic process. It meets or exceeds the functionality criteria of a Mil Spec Type II coating, but will withstand continued exposure to UV light without fading or outgassing. It will provide significantly improved absorbance (reduced reflectance under Infrared or UV) compared to conventional anodized coatings. It is also thermally stable, making it suitable for use in vacuums.

Primary applications— optics industry.

Bright Dip

Bright Dip – R5 – CP1

A pre-anodize chemical process (etch) that will improve the gloss level of a part. It can be used with a tumbled, media blasted, or a machined finish to create high-gloss and vibrantly colored parts that will stand out.

Works with both hard and soft anodized coatings.

We offer two bright dips, one designed to maximize gloss and one to produce a more subtle shine to parts, without the risk of streaking often associated with conventional bright dip baths.

Media Blasting

Media Blasting

We offer a variety of media-blasted finishes prior to anodizing. These can be used to remove surface imperfections from the incoming material or from your manufacturing process. We can produce surface finishes that range from dull matte to fine satin. Our equipment can blast a single part or thousands.

Anodize Solutions offers many different medias for media blasting, including:

  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Glass Bead
  • Ceramic Bead
  • Steel Shot

When used in conjunction with one of our many chemical pre-anodize options, we can offer a huge variety of attractive finishes for your products.



Surfaces that do not require anodizing can be masked or plugged to be shielded. Typically, plugging is used for small diameter holes or threads, and masking for larger surfaces or irregular shapes. Masking is applied by hand in the form of paint or adhesive precut discs. Tapes or custom die cut shapes are available.

Once anodizing is completed, the masking or plugging is removed, leaving surfaces or features free of anodize.


Medisafe Anodize

Medisafe Anodize is a variation of our Anoptical Anodize that has enhanced cosmetic qualities. It is used primarily in the medical industry to allow sterilization processes without degradation to the coating. The coating is suitable for harsh environments, where anodized components are exposed to heat and weather (automotive). It also meets or exceeds the functional criteria of a Mil 8625 Type II coating.

Available only in black.

Applications include medical and dental tools that require sterilization.

Our Colors

























Non Standard and Custom Colors Available Upon Request

Our Effects

color effects

Want to make your product unique? We have the answer! Tell us what color combinations you like and we can decorate your anodized finish to truly make a statement.

Our standard effects include: two, three, and four color patterns in acid wash, sponge, or splash. But we don’t limit ourselves. If you have an idea for something else, let us know. Our creative department is here to bring your anodize vision to life.

color effects
color effects color effects