Capabilities of Anodize Solutions

We provide Hard and Soft anodize that meet or exceed Mil 8625 Type II and Type III coatings. We offer both class 1 (no dye) and class 2 (dyed) anodize. In addition, we can offer bright dip and acid etch to meet all your surface cosmetic requirements, from very matte to high gloss!

If you require blasting, we have hand cabinets for small batches of parts and automated shot blasting for large batches of parts.

If you need the surface categorized we can measure the color (Lab), the gloss (GU), surface roughness (Ra/Rz) and thickness. All color comparisons are done within a light booth that can simulate sun light, incandescent and fluorescent lighting. We don’t need the sun to shine to make a great part!

If you are an armament manufacturer we have an FFL license to provide a full anodize service for all your needs.

Close tolerance parts—no problem. We have micrometers and gauge pins on site to handle those tricky jobs that require precision to a few tenths.

We Are Flexible, and Equipped for Any Size Job


Anodize Solutions is equipped for both small and large jobs. We offer an 8ft hoist line for high volume parts and a 4ft hand line for those tricky parts that require a personal touch.

Our Tanks:

  • Four 8ft/600 gal tanks, 3000 amp rectifiers for soft/type II anodize
  • Four 4ft/400 gal tanks, 1000 - 1500 amp rectifiers for hard/type III anodize
  • Four 4 ft/400 gal tanks 500 – 1000 amp rectifiers for soft/type II anodize
  • Two 2ft/100 gal tanks – 200 amp rectifiers for soft/type II anodize small production/development

Contact Us to see if your parts are a good fit for our tanks.

Lead Time:

Our goal is to meet your needs—whatever they are. Standard leads times are typically 3-5 days (this doesn’t include masking or blasting). Please Contact Us and we will work with you to give you an accurate lead time.

Materials We Handle:

We need to know the type of aluminum your parts are made from to make sure we provide the best possible finish.

Common Alloys We Work Are:

  • 6000 series (suitable for Anoptical and Medisafe anodize)
  • 5000 series (suitable for Anoptical and Medisafe anodize)
  • 7000 series
  • 2000 series
  • Mic 6 tooling plate