About Anodize Solutions

Our founder and president is a chemist with extensive background in machining and industrial processing. He has over 30 years of experience with plating and anodizing in Europe, Asia and the USA. His experience ranges from designing and setting up anodize facilities to analyzing complex chemical processes at the molecular level.

He is supported by a talented team with over 100 years of combined experience in the metal finishing industry. Together, their expertise with high precision anodizing will ensure your next project is a success. At Anodize Solutions, every project is handled with skill and careā€”be it one part or a million.

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Our Facility:

our facility

Our 15,000 square foot facility is designed and dedicated to providing you with the best anodize possible. It was constructed in 2015 with all new equipment, including:

  • 2 Chillers
  • 2 Boilers
  • 2 Air Compressors
  • 2 Hoists
  • 3 RO Units
  • and More

We believe in redundancy so an equipment failure will not stop us from anodizing your job! To learn more about what we can do, check out our Capabilities and our Services.

Some of Our Projects

Anodized Scopes
Showing Sponge Color Effect
Anodized Paintball Gun
Showing Acid Wash Effect
Anodized Knife Handles
Showing Type II/Soft/Decorative Anodized Finish
Anodized Pieces
Showing Large Batch Production