"Solutions Experts"

Soft anodize (type II) - Hard anodize (type III) - Bright dip
media blasting - masking/plugging

What makes us different?

At Anodize Solutions we believe all customers should be treated the same regardless of size- no job is more important than yours! We will do everything to ensure your parts are processed exactly as you require - to this end we encourage you to communicate directly with our highly skilled Solution Experts. They will ensure that parts are racked correctly, dimensional tolerances are met and process requirements are adhered to.

We are happy to anodize one part or thousands of parts- our focus is always to provide you with exactly what you expected! Our Solution Experts will design the process to meet your requirements – it's not a "one-size-fits-all" at Anodize Solutions.

Do we have an anodizing solution for you?

Anodizing Solutions is proud to offer the following processing:

  • Soft anodize (Mil 8625 Type II)
  • Hard anodize (Mil 8625 Type III)
  • Bright dips - R5 (high gloss) & semigloss
  • Masking/plugging
  • Media blasting - aluminum oxide, glass/ceramic bead, and steel shot